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Precious Stones are a mysterious and wonderful  phenomenon of nature. Since the dawn of time they have been luring men's attention and filled their mind. With their beauty, they can embellish everything. The search for beauty is one the men's characteristic, often expressed by the irrepressible need to possess  this beauty.


More than only beautiful, gems are very rare, and as men are vain, he sometimes out of pure interest feel the uncontrollable need to possess such a rare and beautiful thing.


In order to prevent his belongings from time deterioration, its owner is willing to spend huge amounts of money, all that despise the fact that durability and robustness are gems' main characteristics.


The secret of those gems lie in their beauty, their scarcity and longevity, the more those characteristic are visible, the more their value rises. Thus gems are often seen as the symbol of love and faithfulness, power and wealth, beauty and eternity. This entire element, is compressed to form a tiny polyhedron which is harmoniously symmetrical.

Jeweler and cutter are two very rare profession with for sole purpose to bring joy and happiness.In Armenia, those professions are very ancient, but unfortunately nowadays represent only a sub branch of handicraft. In Armenian “Քար նայող” ( read  “Kar Nayokh”) can be literally translated to “ stone's explorer”.  Nobody's using this term, but that's how we call Gemologist in Armenia. Gemology is the science studying everything related to jewels and gems. The word “Gemology” literally means : “The Science of Precious Stones”.