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Armenian Jewellers Foundation to Support

Applications to GIA Scholarships



Geneva, March 2016 -- The Armenian Jewellers Foundation (AJF) has announced it will support students who apply for scholarships at the leading global gemological training institution, the Gemological Institute of America. GIAannounced $500 000 worth of 125 scholarships. Eligible students can apply to distance e-learning, as well as on-campus courses in Bangkok, Carlsbad, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, Mumbai and Taiwan.


“Education is the foundation of good business practice and ethical representation of the jewelry industry’s precious products. I encourage all Armenian students to consider applying for scholarships from schools like  GIA, which generously give grants to worthy applicants around the world,” said Bill Boyajian, former president of GIA and Trustee of the Armenian Jewellers Foundation.


In collaboration with the École de gemmologie de Montréal (EGM), the Armenian Gemological Laboratory and Academy (AGLA) and other partners, AJF will support select applicants to GIA scholarships and provide letters of recommendation. Follow-up support will be available to successful grantees eligible for future AJF grants to complete their programs. Applicants should review GIA programs and scholarship conditions prior to contacting AJF (see here). The deadline is April 30 for fall admissions and September 30 for the following year.


Interested students and experts are welcome to apply to AJF for support from all communities and countries. Prior studies and training in jewellery, including gemology, at the AGLA, the EGM or other institutions are an asset. The Graduate Diamonds distance e-learning program is strongly recommended for all applicants unless prior gemological studies have already been undertaken. Required laboratory courses may be followed in the Dubai or New York campuses. Successful graduates may later on apply to the full Graduate Gemologist (GG) diploma program.


AJFwas established in 2013 to Advance the Heritage of Armenians in Jewellery. Its mission is to undertake historical research, document new success-stories and ensure the transfer of knowledge to the younger generation. AJF has announced a total of 50 new scholarships to applicants from various communities in 2016.


AJF calls on its patrons and supporters, as well as the wider community to help provide young Armenians with new opportunities for a better future through quality education and training. Make an impact today by becoming a sponsor, donate directly via the AJF websiteor contact us for more information at